If this is an Emergency, please dial 911 immediately. This chat is for routine appointment scheduling only. If you have medical questions, please call the practice to speak with a Tennessee Pediatrics medical assistant.

Thank you for visiting our new online Tennessee Pediatrics appointment scheduling!

Please note: live appointment scheduling is only available during clinic hours.

This is a new system that we are utilizing on a trial basis for scheduling routine appointments. Using this feature, you will be able to live chat directly with our team. When you see the “Schedule Now” button below, our team is currently available for chat. To schedule an appointment, please click the “Schedule Now” button, send a brief initial message, and you will receive a reply when a member of the team is available to schedule your appointment.

If you do not see the “Schedule Now” button, please call our office to leave a message with our Answering Service. Our On-Call provider will return your call as soon as possible.